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Grateful for Anger

Meeting the men from the Green Dot Program and the women of Sanghamitra was the answer to my prayer. Hearing their stories reminded me that your can blame and rage at the world or you can get out of bed and change it yourself. They reminded me that regardless of ones’ race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or social status, what will transform this planet is love over fear, truth over ignorance, and unity, not separation. Sanghamitra's motto, "In Unity There is Strength," is a profound yogic truth, and will be a teaching I carry forever more in my heart and in my practice.

India's great Freedom Fighter Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” I am reminded of the struggles I faced earlier in trying to make sense of the incomprehensible. These men and women taught me that we serve regardless of our confusion, we serve regardless of our fear, we serve regardless of our anger. We serve because it is only through service that connection, healing, and change are possible.

I left feeling a surge of inspiration and hope for our planet knowing these men and women have chosen to take matters into their own hands to "be that change," and I want more than ever to support them in their efforts.

I know that if we all work together as a collective for a common goal, this planet WILL change. Peace will prevail. Poverty will end. AIDS will be one for the history books. Our children will live to fall in love, make great art, sleep under the stars, and enjoy a unified and tolerant world—whatever they dream. But we cannot wait for someone else to make this happen. There is a Hopi saying that speaks to me in this moment: "We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!"

I am grateful today for the tears and the anger because it led to a prayer that provided an answer that, once again, opened my heart to truth.


It's wonderful what you're doing. Don't fret over your limited ability to change the world - what you're doing is important!

Thank you for letting America know, where our focus need to go.

Your words speak volumes, thank you for sharing your reflections. I am a teacher of English in Japan. Being from America many of my students have been concerned and inquisitive about the recent shootings and violence they have seen in America and throughout the world. In the past two weeks nearly all my lessons begin with the discussion of such violence and what can be done to prevent such hatred from continuing. The words “In Unity There is Strength” is a truth that always comes up during these classes. My students seem to all agree, as do I, that the atomization of society causes the lack of peace in the world. I try to extend the conversation to my students is how can we gain a better sense of community to prevent and reverse such societal atomization. Some students seem to be contemplative about these changes. I wonder which ones will actually work to bring about stronger sense of community. I can’t have other do, but I know I can. A sense of community is extremely important in helping restore peace, fights diseases such as AIDS, and helping people not be completely isolated from the world.

dear sean,
you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do, and inspire me to do.
lauren j.

If Seane can save the world little by little, then so can everyone. I'm touched by all your blog entries. Thank you Seane, you're a real hero.

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