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Let Sleeping Yogis Lie?

corpes pose.jpg

I've been noticing lately that a lot of my yogis are falling asleep in Savasana. Even snoring sometimes. Whereas in most other "classrooms" I'd be slightly offended if my students fell asleep on me, I am choosing to take this as a compliment.

But it's got me thinking: is sending your students into blissful slumber a desired effect of savasana? Have I helped them to get a snippet of deserved rest that they most clearly need? Or have I pushed them over the edge from mindfulness to unconsciousness?

It reminds me of a friend asking a similar question in our teacher training program: "What do I do if a student falls asleep?" Our teacher Stephanie Snyder had a response that I loved: "God bless them—they're tired! Let them sleep."

And so let them sleep I do. Hopefully my students will thank me for it... when they wake up that is.


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I always hope that the teacher will nudge me before I really start snoring. I come from a long line of loud snorers. Please. Give me a nudge before I ruin the peace for everyone.

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