7 Chocolates that Really Are Good for You

Instead of the standard sampler (yes you in the Walgreen’s check-out line), here are the sweets to tantalize your taste buds with a heart-healthy boost. Trust us: You never knew chocolate could be this good.

We now know that chocolate (especially dark) has a slew of health benefits. But you still have to deal with the sugar and caloric load. Update: A new market of uber healthful, raw, vegan, and eco-friendly chocolate has made this sweet staple (practically) guilt-free.

If you're feeling kitchen-creative here are two DIY V-Day perfect recipes: Raw Mexican Chocolate Macaroons or this Chocolate Bark.

Lulu's Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt Almond

Raw Fair Trade Ecuadorian dark chocolate blended with organic sprouted almonds and smoked salt. Do we need to say more?

($4; luluschocolatelove.com)

Vosges Super Dark Matcha Green Tea

Green tea drinkers can attest to the detoxifying benefits of the brew. Vosges gives you the best of both worlds. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this dark chocolate bar mixes cacao and matcha green tea to reduce stress, and improve brain function and heart health.

($8; vosgeschocolate.com)

Rawmio Organic Chocolate Truffle Cake

This "cake" has a creamy fudge-like texture and is made from organic, vegan, raw, and gluten-free stone-ground cacao, coconut flakes, cashews, and low-glycemic coconut crystals. Dessert first?

($25; rawguru.com)

Raw Chocolate Love Chocolate Hearts

If artisanal chocolate is more your thing, these raw chocolate hearts are made from a base of organic cacao, mesquite, Himalayan salt, coconut oil, cold-pressed agave, and vanilla bean, and come in flavors like Chili, Ginger, Fresh Orange Blossom, and Cinnamon Pecan. Choose your sweetheart's fave, or mix it up!

($5; rawchocolatelovenyc.com)

Righteously Raw Goji Cacao Bar

Righteously Raw's Goji bar has a 90-percent cacao base, with organic berries and figs for just the right touch of sweetness. One bite and your love will swoon.

($6; righteouslyrawchocolate.com)

Gnosis Chocolate Berry Rose Bar

This limited-edition raw chocolate bar is made from organic cacao, berries, and Damiana leaf, which calms the central nervous system, combats stress, and stimulates sexual function. (In other words: Consider your bases covered on V-Day.)

($9; gnosischocolate.com)

ZenBunni Assorted Chocolates

ZenBunni chocolates—crafted from unroasted cacao and a range of organic and wild foraged heirloom spices, herbs, leaves, flowers, nuts, oils, salts, minerals—blend herbal wisdom with culinary perfection.

($20; zenbunnichocolate.com)

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