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Dana Flynn Dana Flynn
Laughing Lotus Center co-founder shares her ecstatic Lotus Flow music-filled practice

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Love Your Lotus: Love Your Life

March 3, 2011


dana lotus end.pngI remember traveling around India, and it seemed like every few kilometers a different dialect was spoken. In the same way, I marvel that I can toss my leg in one direction and my arm in another and it goes by one name, and then I shape-shift that same arm and leg in another direction, just a few "kilometers" away, and it goes by another name. It feels like new shapes are born with every tiny movement or nuance.

There are endless opportunities to experience the wonder of the body temple. God knows, the yogis who originated many of these shapes didn't read about them. They seemed to know that they were already made up of asanas; that these shapes or postures existed inside their very being. They reached this way and that way, being stretched into new places and spaces, the shapes making room for the body to open and for the mind to know peace.

On a particularly long bus ride in southern India, we passed endless fields of mud. Only after a little more distance did these muddy fields begin to reveal bubble gum pink lotus flowers. Those beautiful and mysterious flowers would fly up out of the mud without a trace of dirt on them. Props to the yoga pose that represents this auspicious symbol of transformation and freedom, Padmasana, or full Lotus.

As you'll see in the video below of this seated flow sequence, making subtle changes in leg position will lead you through Gomukasana, Firelog Pose (Agnistambhasana), Half-Bound Lotus, Stargazer, and Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana before landing you, gently, in Padmasana. Like the lotus flower that doesn't have far to go to rise from the mud, we have no idea how close we really are to our Lotus.

So wake up, family, get the mud out of your eyes: You are already made up of asana! Feel the awe as you move your amazing body temple this way and that way. Here comes a field of lotuses!

Lotus Flow Playlist

Etude No. 5 by Phillip Glass
Lotus Flower by Radiohead
Wandering Soul by Fun 'Da' Mental
Child of Vision by Supertramp
Rolling in the Deep by Adele
Om Mani Padme Hum by Zuleikha and Mirabai

Dana Trixie Flynn is co-creator of Lotus Flow Yoga and co-director of the School and Center at Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York City and San Francisco. She is known for her raw and generous energy and for re-awakening asanas and creating mass celebration. She is blessed to share what she loves around the world. Become Dana's Facebook friend, or find her teaching schedule at

Having a Block Party!

February 14, 2011


bakasana block.jpgOK, so I have sat long enough, and even feel that the contents may have shifted due to inactivity, and am now invoking a pep back into my step. I am ushering in the blocks for major support and to help me spring and jump and play. Maybe I can even jump right out of winter!

I used to use blocks for an isolated Ardha Chandrasana, or maybe I would put a block under my sacrum in half Wheel. But one fine day I pumped up the music and me and the blocks hung out and got to know each other much better. What fun we had!

In this Lotus Flow video sequence (below)--which for some of you will have a hint of old skool step aerobics in it, gone Yogic Hopscotch--be prepared to use two blocks, your breath, and plenty of momentum for some awesome deep lunges, half Crows, twists, and jumps.

The blocks bring your hands closer to the ground and make it much easier to move around because you feel lighter and more lifted. Rock Bakasana up on the blocks and enjoy the ride! Feel the Earth and also feel a little closer to Heaven! Check in with the blocks and uncover some shapes on your own. Kick back and chill out in Goddess Pose or Supta Baddha Konasana by sliding the blocks under your knees. Roll onto your side and use a block between your legs to create space and ease in the sacrum.

There's boundless partying to be had with blocks. So grab yours, add your soundtrack, and Spring into action!

Spring Ahead Playlist
You Gotta Move - Rolling Stones
Jump Around - House of Pain
Jump 'N' Move - Brand New Heavies
Lord is it Mine - Supertramp
Let's Dance - M. Ward
Sisters of Mercy - Beth Orton
Akhanda Prayer 3:15 - Ragani

Dana Trixie Flynn is co-creator of Lotus Flow Yoga and co-director of Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York City and San Francisco. She is known for her raw and generous energy and for re-awakening asanas and creating mass celebration. She is blessed to share what she loves all over the world. Facebook Dana or find her teaching schedule at

Breathe Into Your Beautiful Life

January 31, 2011


dana.jpgYou know I like to keep it fresh with y'all. And since I'm not having the easiest time getting off the ground this week, I'm gonna turn you on to your breathing while we hang with a seated practice. (See the video demonstration below.) How I am loving the feeling and movement of the breath, big and full, empty and light, up and down, in and out, energizing and quieting. Sitting or hibernating, 'tis the season to go inside and feel the vibrations of Love.

Here's a toast to your life and some of my favorite breathing, or pranayama, practices. Prana, the force of life inside and around you, is that which is infinitely everywhere. And ayama means to stretch or extend. So friends, breathe into infinity!

You come into this world on an inhale and your last breath will indeed be an exhale. So yogis, since our lives are measured by the number of breaths we breathe, let's make the breath more conscious, deeper, wider, happier, more ecstatic and more chill, too These practices will lift you, open you, and calm you. Breathing is our sweet elixir. It's our truth serum and reflects the truest thing about who we are. A wonderful way to feel the breath is by chanting Om. Om is the sound of creation and the three sounds that comprise it-- A U M --merge together into Om-ness or Oneness!

So we'll chant Om, then shapeshift into Sufi Circles, Breath of Joy, Kappalabhati, Kundalini Camel Rocks, an energizing Tibetan breathing exercise my amazing yogini sister Kimberly taught me when I was still doing hip hop at the gym, and we'll end with the divine balancing breath Nadi Shodana, or alternate-nostril breathing.

Fall in love with your life and with each and every Inspired breath that you've been given!

BREATHE and feel the blessing,  Ahhhhhhh Uuuuuuu Mmmmmmmm.

Power to the Prana Playlist:

Don't Forget to Breathe,  Bitter Sweet
Air I Breath ( Kid Logo Remix),  Badmarsh & Shri
Every Breath You Take, The Police
Breathe Me (Mylo Mix),  Sia
Speak to Me/Breathe ( In the Air) Dub Side of the Moon ( Reggae Version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon)
Breathing Light,  Nitin Sawhney
Breathe,  Bliss

Dana Trixie Flynn is co-creator of Lotus Flow Yoga and co-director of the school and center at Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York City and San Francisco. She is known for her raw and generous energy and for re-awakening asanas and creating mass celebration.  

Sun Dance

January 17, 2011


dana jan 1use.jpg Most mornings, I step out of the shower, turn on my favorite music (the sound of God) and begin to dance around my tiny Greenwich Village apartment. It's the kick-off to my yoga practice; it is my yoga practice! Soft sways to and fro, feet hips arms breath. Instantly I feel more connected to Spirit--to the big ONE!

So in the throes of Celebrating the Light, the Sun, and waking Up, one morning I dance my leg wide and toss my arms out big and then bring my feet back together. Then I leap to the other side, heart wide, arms spread, breath open, and do this a bunch of times, feeling the momentum of the breath and the movement. I am having so much fun and dub this move, One Love. One for All and All for One. I am feeling so connected. (See the video below.)

Then my body adds another move, springing one foot behind the other with bent knees, and winging my arms back and then stepping right back into One Love! I shapeshift from side to side and this new shape becomes OMG, or Oh My God!  And I boogie around: One Love, OMG, One Love, feet together, and then to the other side! It's a dancing meditation and a prayer. Then Kali gets into the Kosmic mix, which means One Love with Eagle arms and your tongue flying out of your mouth while your eyeballs roll up. Be fierce, because you are!

Now begin to blow these shapes in around your favorite standing poses. Take familiar Warrior poses like Virabhadrasana I or Utthitha Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose) and toss some fresh moves into the mix, including Devotional Warrior, where your arms wing back behind you as you bow your head toward the ground.

Move side to side and front to back, drop the mind into the breath body and free the movement to dance like a dervish, dance to feel alive. Dervish is translated as "one who opens the doors." Let this dance be your divine doorway to oneness and One Love.

Wake Up and dance to the Sun and find/create your own moves, celebrating your connection to love and life.

Keep it real, have fun, and come as you are! (Clothing is optional.)

Here's a Sun Dance playlist to start your day:

Here Comes the Sun,  Nina Simone
Wake Up Everybody,  Rae and Christian Remix
Suntoucher, Groove Armada
Angel of the Morning, Pretenders
Watch the Sunrise,  Cassandra Wilson &  John Legend
House of the Rising Sun, Cat Power
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu,  Sean Johnson

Dana Trixie Flynn is the director of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC and is Co-Creator of Lotus Flow Yoga. She is forever the student of life's boundless teachings and shares her raw and personal creative expression with great love all over the world.

Straddling the Cosmos

January 3, 2011


dana flynn.jpg

Hi Family,

I am back with a fresh Lotus Flow (see video below). This one incorporates a bunch of straddles, where Upavistha meets Prasarita, peppered with springy lifts and shifts!

To call on our own ability to lift, fly, and feel free, let's shape the Shiva/Shakti mudra. Place one hand facing up and the other hand in a thumb's up at your navel or nabi center. This ignites and sparks your boundless creative power! You might even have Shiva and Shakti vibrating on your lips in these sacred moments as well.

This Lotus Flow dances with open arms, straddle legs, some springy jumps, and a loose vinyasa flow in the midst, so that you can always feel the freedom to move like your amazing Self! We will also be exploring different ways of moving in and out of Pinchamayurasana, or Forearm Balance, from Downward-Facing Dog, and then include the straddles.

When you're jumping, call on the Shiva/Shakti mudra and fire up your belly and you'll feel plenty of support and lift as you move and shape shift through the Lotus Flow. Bring the call of your breath with you as the ultimate guide and friend, and notice how the exhalation becomes an incredible parachute as you're practicing those springy lifts in the air!

Here's a Lotus Flow playlist to inspire your groove:

Asatoma,  SistaShree
The Healer, Erykah Badu
Pari-Madras,  Rene Aubry
Patience,  Nas & Damian Marley
Wild is the Wind, David Bowie
I Feel Awake Even Though This is a Dream,  Suphala featuring Edie Brickell, Sita Ram,  Bhagavan Das

Oftentimes, energetically I slide on my Wonder Woman UndeRoos and tap into that cosmic shazam she seemed to embody so fully.

Friends ~ give it a whirl, have fun, and straddle the cosmos!!

Yours in Devotion,

Dana Trixie Flynn is the director of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC and is Co-Creator of Lotus Flow Yoga. She is forever the student of life's boundless teachings and shares her raw and personal creative expression with great love all over the world.

Ripple and Flow

December 16, 2010


In this video sequence, get ready to ripple, roll, twist, and backbend as you shapeshift your body into new positions and visit familiar shapes in new and wonderful ways. We'll move through deep belly-bending lunges and twisting poses, including a "drunken" Triangle Pose, to warm up for a dancing backbending sequence.

Here are my picks for tunes to get you in the groove:

Without Love, Aretha Franklin
66 Meters, Indian Ropeman
Black Magic Woman, Santana
Kissing My Love, Bill Withers
Put a little love in your heart, Dolly Parton
Primitive, Annie Lennox
In Love with You, Erykah Badu

Remember, let your breath guide you through the sequence. Most of all, have fun, be fearless, and move in your own, sweet way!

Dana Trixie Flynn is the Director of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC and is Co-Creator of Lotus Flow Yoga tm. She is forever the Student of LIfe's boundless Teachings and shares her raw and personal creative expression with great Love all over the world, Follow her on Facebook.

One Love

November 18, 2010



There's a one-legged story that stands out to me about Parvati, Shiva's consort. According to legend, Parvati has been standing on one leg for like 1,000 years waiting for Shiva to open his eyes and gaze upon her. Shiva, of course, is so absorbed in his eternal trance, he doesn't even see her.

Sure, Shiva is in deep in meditative consciousness, but he is also intentionally testing Parvati's love and devotion. At one point, he takes the form of an ordinary man and says to Parvati, "Shiva spends all his time in a cremation ground in the company of his ghost-friends. The garland around his neck is made of skulls. How can you marry someone as frightening as Shiva? Forget about him! Marry a normal man, like me." Parvati, from her one-legged stance, replies, "I will only marry Lord Shiva, so away or I will curse you." In that moment Shiva opens his eyes and grants Parvati's wish for marriage. Now that is some tapas!

You can rock this sequence Parvati-style, on one leg, as you shape shift from one one-legged variation to the next, or you can practice side to side. Hopefully, you'll do a bit of both. On those days where you need or want support, take it by leaning up against the wall or by reclining on your back and letting the ground support you fully.
Balancing poses truly demand your full attention, but the mind benefits and you feel happier as you strengthen your legs and fortitude!

Try practicing to these "upstanding" songs!
I'll Stand by You,  Pretenders
Get Up Stand Up, Bob Marley
Stand, R.E.M
Union,  Black-Eyed Peas
Love Comes to Me, Bonnie "Price" Billy
All the Wild Horses, Ray LaMontagne

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)
Start by finding and connecting with your life force through the breath. Inhaling, lift and weave the right leg over the left (your toes may or may not slip around the back of your calf). From Namaste Prayer hands, swing and rope the left arm under the right, the arms can go either way. Explore this shape from a more upright position and then begin hinging at the hips, tipping forward and curling into yourself.


Funky Tree (Vrksasana) into Ganesha the Mystical Elephant
Keep your ecstatic Garuda eagle arms and breath deep into your cosmic belly to guide and lift your foot inside your thigh. (So different then using your hand, right?!) Then, like a mantra, invoke Ganesh with a big stampede. Slide your bent-leg foot right out in front and shape your arms like a big elephant trunk. Ganesh, as the Lord of the Threshold, brings you to the next right step in your beautiful life. Trusting him, toss a Jai Ganesha mantra into the air!


Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)
Reach your hand inside your lifted bent knee and grab your big toe with your first two Peace fingers. If your foot is far away, use a belt, framing your hands evenly on either side. Draw back into yourself so you can lift up through the heart space, keeping it open.


Then crack the leg wide out to the side for a variation. How's that leg doing, where's your head at, can you feel your breath, is your dedication being tested, where's the love?  Let your head tip to the other side, away from your extended leg, and explore the balance and the shakiness. Both are real and important to acknowledge.

Take a big exhale as you melt your hands into Namaste Prayer and place your foot inside the leg for Tree Pose. Om as you then lower the leg to come to standing. Feel the blessings as you stand on your own two feet with the support of the world!


Dana is known for her raw and generous energy and poetic sequencing. She re-awakens asanas and creates mass Celebration. You can find her at Laughing Lotus NYC when she is not traveling and teaching all over the globe. Friend her on Facebook, Dana Trixie Flynn. 

Photos: Sarah Herrington

Put a Feather in Your Cap - A Peacock Feather!

October 20, 2010


Here Comes the Sun - Nina Simone
Trust Me - Janis Joplin
Hare Krishna - Cast of Hair
Why Can't We Be Friends - War
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
Remember Me - Chloe Goodchild

As a kid (and as an adult kid) nothing is more stunning or awe-inspiring than a peacock spreading its amazing feathers! For me, Janis Joplin was that peacock. Colorful and full of incredible feeling, her voice was a generous offering. Krishna, the deity of love, is known for his pure heart and playfulness and always has at least one peacock feather in his head. The peacock is the call to love, and the devotees of Krishna enter into his heart.This time of year is perfect for Peacock Pose, or Mayurasana, because is low to ground and therefore grounding. It also really heats up the internal digestive fires, which can get super sluggish this time of year. Practice on your own--or like Iyengar, on a friend...Birds of a feather, flock together!


1. Let's start by sitting on our heels in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) and spreading open our hands as pictured below. Opening the hands like this is also known as the Abhaya or Fearless Mudra. Let's call on our boundless courage to spread our colorful feathers today and express ourselves more truly in our lives. With your hands open, now bend your elbows like Chaturanga and get a feel for the hands opening. Stay open to taking each step, one breath at a time.


2. Now tuck your toes under to brighten up your feet. Swim you hands around and begin to lean some of your weight into your hands. Create some space between both hands, a broader base makes it easier to balance. As you "bird" your way up, explore feeling the whole hands all and the fingers and thumbs, too. You may notice the weight lands more into the wrists; try to spread it around. Or if you need room for your wrists and shoulders, fan them out a bit.


3. If you want to amp this one up for a breath or two, you may start to straighten the legs to come toward Downward Facing Dog. But because of the nature of our desk jobs and/or heavy use of the computer, our wrists might be pretty resistant to bending at this angle. Give it a whirl, but back WAY off if it's too much. You can always taste it with your knees down, lifting up the knees but keep them slightly bent. Feel how you can open up the energy and meridian lines from the hands up through the arms and down through the legs and feet. Rest in Child's Pose as needed and roll to release your hands until they relax.


4. Time to DIG in. With the toes tucked under, knees bent and on the ground, move those elbows in deep on either side of your navel, lower your head to the ground and begin to slide one leg back and then the other. Everything is super-duper engaged--the legs are really working, the feet and toes have new meaning, and the breath will be your best friend here.


5. Brighten up those toes even more and with a big inhale roll the whole shape forward on your elbows and lift your head and your legs up. If you need support, take it. No sweat. Just belt the arms and walk your toes up on a block. This is always a great place to perch.


6. Once you're up, breathe into the shape and practice balancing in the air, just for fun! Puff and fluff your feathers up in the air with great delight, make the sound of a Peacock calling out to its beloved, "Mayur Mayur Mayur!" You may start lifting and find that the elbows slide apart and you are in SPLATasana, flat on your face,that's just part of the FUN!


7. Relax onto your heels, soften your eyes, and breathe. Feel the tremendous blessings and vibrations of the beautiful bird. Now dance and roll your wrists around a few times until they meet in Namaste!


Dana is known for her raw and generous energy and poetic sequencing. She re-awakens asanas and creates mass Celebration. You can find her at Laughing Lotus NYC when she is not traveling and teaching all over the globe.

Asana Photos by Sarah Herrington

Janis Joplin photo from Pearl by Ellis Amburn

Iyengar photo from  Awakening the Spine by Vanda Scarvelli

Krishna photo from World of Gods and Goddesses by Indra Sharma

Boarding the Slow Train

October 7, 2010


OMG, there's so much going on. My weeks are so jammed packed with activity and sometimes it even seems that time itself has sped up. I know you probably feel the same way. "Slowly, slowly" is my mantra this month. When life gets busy like this, it's time to slow way down, find center, and come back into a happy balance with yourSelf.

So, let's do a sequence to help us do just that. Take it nice 'n' easy, pay close attention to the awesome flow of the breath moving in and out of the body temple, breathe into your soul and breathe out to sooth the body/mind all at once. Let the simple asanas allow the body to open, the breath to come into balance, and the mind to feel free. Let's lounge, Lotus-style!

Come into Sukhasana (Easy Pose) with Bhumisparsha Mudra
Get nice and comfy by sitting your hips up on a big pillow or blanket, which will give your knees a nice break. Place your left finger pads lightly on the ground and lay your open right hand on your right knee, establishing your connection both to the Earth and to the heavens above.

Janu Sirsana (Head-of-the-Knee Pose), with a belt
Space is the place!  Let's use a belt for this pose, wrapping it just under the ball of your extended right foot and holding it with both hands. Enjoy the length, lift, and opening of the spine as the legs and hips settle into the ground. Breathe into infinity.

Janu Sirasana.jpg

Janu Lift, or Stargazer
Now, ground your left hand into the mat behind you, inhale, and lift your hips, torso, and right arm up and away, broadening the heart, elongating the spine up out of the hips, and opening up more fully to your spiritual nature. Draw your gaze in and up toward your third eye. Breathe.

Janu lift.jpg
Supta Padhangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)
Lower down to your mat and come onto your back with legs extended. Once again wrap the belt around your right foot. Draw your right leg up and toward you while letting your arms slide down by your sides. Breathe into the back of the legs, finding freedom where you are.

supta padhangustasana.jpg

Anantasana (Side-Reclining Leg Lift) with belt
Swivel onto your left side and bend your bottom leg for balance. Come up on your left elbow and support your head with your left hand. With the belt around your right foot, extend the leg up, holding both ends of the belt in your right hand. Give yourself props for showing up and seeking these truthful moments with yourself, and feel the sacred companion of the breath throughout your body.


Anantasana (Side-Reclining Leg Lift), relaxed
Let the bottom arm soften onto the ground, your head release, and your mind to relax. Peace out here.
Anantasana relaxedjpg.jpg

Dradhasana (Side Corpse Pose)
Roll over onto your belly and draw one knee up. Many yogis actually sleep like this.

Side Corpse.jpg

Balasana (Child's Pose) with hands overhead in Anjali Mudra
Finish by bowing deeply in Child's Pose, honoring your beautiful life and giving thanks.

Child's Pose.jpg


Dana Trixie Flynn co-founded Laughing Lotus Yoga Center ( with Jasmine Tarkeshi in New York City and San Francisco to celebrate spiritual life. Follow her on Facebook here


Belly Dancing

September 20, 2010


whiteplimsoles3.gif PC099186-01_T.JPG new_banner.jpeg

When I was 11 years old, my family moved to London and in an instant my life looked completely different. For gym class we wore navy pleated skirts and odd sneakers called plimsolls, with barely a sole to them. I sure wouldn't have been caught alive in them back in the states!

We played a game called netball, but since the netball court was outside and since it mostly rains in London, Mrs. Neal--our extremely unlikely gym teacher--would take us to the Victorian and Albert Museum to see their extensive collection of costumes. For all those years in London, most of my gym classes were spent seeing amazing costumes and gowns. This was wonderful, but it sure didn't prepare me for my return to gym class back in the states. All those sit-ups and push-ups eluded me. I had no sense of how to connect with and move from my center.  In the spirit of my ancestors, I worked extremely hard, watched and joined the tribe of grunters. But it didn't make things easier.

This week, I've designed a Lotus Flow sequence that will help you tap into your gut. In yoga, the navel is the location of one of energy centers or chakras. It's known as the manipura. It is also an incredible power house. As you move through the sequence, engage your navel center on your exhalations by gently lifting it up and back toward your spine. You'll create a light and lifted feeling that's completely different from those grunt-inducing sit-ups. The use of this inner lift (known as Uddiyana Bandha) also helps you move into and out of your poses with more ease SO...fasten your COSMIC SEAT BELTS, roll out your mats and let's boogie from the bottom of our bellies. 

It's time to hit the dance floor--costumes optional!

Dana's Playlist:

Paris, Texas - Ry Cooder
The Hop - Bajka & Radio City
Keep it Moving - Missy Elliottt
Billie Holiday - Warpaint
Asato Ma - Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band

1. Shiva/Shakti Mudra
First, we must Invoke some major JUJU, So we're calling on Shakti, our boundless creative energy to ignite with Shiva and give us a big Spiritual LIFT inside!

In this mudra, the open palm is Shakti and the thumbs up is Shiva. As we ignite this spark, we awaken Kundalini energy to rise on UP so that Shakti collides with Shiva and we experience Cosmic Consciousness, Bliss Absolute!


2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog) to Ardha Bakasana (Half Crane Pose)
From Downward Dog, breathe your leg up high and exhale deeply to initiate the bend in your knee. Bring your knee toward your nose and then place it high up on the back of your arm into Ardha Bakasana.

FYI: On your exhalations, see if you can feel your lower belly and diaphragm fly up inside you creating lift and support. You won't have to work so hard from your muscles--your body's own intelligence will kick in.

IMG_4407.jpeg IMG_4416.jpeg

3. Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose) or Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose)

Your navel jewel center is pretty fired up by now, let's keep it lit! Jump or lower into a cross legged pose and lift your legs from the bottom of your belly into Navasana or bend your knees into Half Boat Pose, if this is a happier for you.

IMG_4447.jpeg IMG_4425.jpeg

4. Belly Dancing
Now we add loads of breath as we rock back and forth. This really gets the cosmic ball rolling. Stay tuned into your breath and as you exhale, feel your navel kiss your spine and rock from Navasana into Halasana (Plow Pose), tossing your legs over your head and then with a big breath in come up into a squat. Rock it back and forth a few times. Eventually, the momentum and rhythm of the breath may lift you right up into Bakasana, Crow Pose.

IMG_4463.jpeg IMG_4464.jpeg

If you need it, get a little help from your friends -- grab a block and perch yourself up on top of it to practice Bakasana.


If the mojo takes hold of you, keep your practice rolling for a while and then begin to slow down and take time to sit and feel the blessings of your practice and your life. Soak in the vibrant stillness and feel the cosmic pulse dancing inside you as you rest in Savasana (Corpse Pose).

Your Time to Fly

September 6, 2010



I've always loved to fly. When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was spin around and around. I would beg my dad to lift me up by my arms and fly me around in the air. Then when I stopped I'd have that wonderful tipsy feeling--the feeling would mellow, and then I'd want to do it all over again. I had never experienced anything like it; I was in the world but not quite of it, a whole new dimension.

I still love to spin and whirl around, only now I do it on my mat. Having longed to fly again, I found my inner flight through the whirling movement of Lotus Flow where my mat is my magic carpet and I'm the whirling dervish, praying with my body and flying free, a kid again. The word dervish means doorway, and by allowing yourself to fly free, you create the space inside to experience the mystery that connects you to the deepest part of yourself. A Lotus Flow sequence uses movement as a way to experience ecstasy much like dervishes and other mystics, where the body and breath collide and we commune more intimately with our true nature. Open the door, it's your turn to FLY.

Music, all available on itunes:
Slow Devotion by Govinda
Cosmic Flow by Maneesh de Moor
May All Beings by EarthRise SoundSystems
Trust in Me by Janis Joplin
Rare Earth by Bombay Dub Orchestra
Big Medicine by Mari Boine

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