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Jackson is crawling! His newest milestone concludes our mommy and baby yoga series at Mindful Body and Yoga Tree Valencia for pre-crawling babies. Because Jackson and I have been trading coughs for the past several months, we haven't been to yoga. We even missed our final class. Fortunately, Kari Marble also teaches a Parent and Baby/Toddler class at Sherith Israel, for ages 0 to 3-years-old. Jackson and I were both healthy and ready to begin this class, only to learn that it was on break for 4 weeks.

I decided to find an instructional video so we could have guided baby yoga in our living room. This proved to be no easy task. In search of any video with "mommy" and "baby yoga" in the title, I began calling the yoga studios in the area. Next, I moved on to book and electronic stores, to no avail. I did discover, however, that not everyone is familiar with yoga; one employee wondered if this was a new release, and another asked if I meant "yogurt." I was on the verge of giving up when I located one copy of "Baby and Toddler Yoga: Enhance your child's mental and physical development" by Dr. Francoise Barbira Freedman. Sold!

If we couldn't go to class, class would come to us. We unrolled our mat, took off our socks, and pressed play. My small yogi clapped his hands and wiggled back and forth to the cheerful music. Jackson immediately joined his new on-screen baby friends in deep babble conversation. He was beside himself with delight as we followed the class through their sequence of postures. Flying like an airplane, hanging upside-down, and swinging to the DVD evoked the same wild squeals from Jackson at home as in class at a studio. Like his big brother, my little bug-a-boo has a contagious enthusiasm for life. I am treasuring moments like this where Jackson joyfully discovers himself, through yoga.


The DVD sounds like fun. Is it available at yoga studios, or did you find it online?

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