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Yoga in Oklahoma

This week my partner Dave and I have been visiting his parents in Stillwater, Oklahoma (home of Oklahoma State University). I went online to search for yoga in Stillwater and found the website of a teacher named Carol Bender ( www.benderyoga.com). I giggled and thought "Bender. What a great name for a yoga teacher!" Then, I decided I had to try her classes.

Since San Francisco is sort of a mecca for yoga in America, I've been spoiled by our choice of wonderful studios and brilliant teachers of every flavor of yoga. So I was curious to see what one could find in a small town like Stillwater, Oklahoma. There's not a whole lot to do around here. So beside raiding Dave's parents' very well-stocked fridge, and helping with small tasks in his dad's beautiful organic vegetable garden, "Bender Yoga" was to be my big adventure for the week.

To my pleasant surprise Carol's classes were absolutely superb! She has a wonderful presence and energy about her. The small class size (5 to 7 people) created an intimate environment and opportunity for individual guidance. I attended two of her classes (at two different locations) and loved both of them. It appears that her classes were attended by a small loyal group of regulars. Carol welcomed this out-of-town visitor with warm open arms, and I had the most wonderful practice. Then the big shocker was the low-low price—the Tuesday class was $5 and the Wednesday class, regularly $7, was free for first-timers!

Afterward, I reflected on what a labor of pure love it is that Carol teaches these phenomenal yoga classes for such tiny fees. In San Francisco, her classes would be $12-15 or more each and probably attended by many more students. Clearly Carol does not teach for the money. (As it turns out, thanks to my google-stalking skills, she is a professor and research scientist at OSU with a rather impressive Curriculum Vitae.) Money aside, it occurs to me how much easier it is to maintain a high level of yoga practice in a place like SF with its popularity and abundant choices of studios, workshops, conferences, teacher-training programs, etc. Yoga is clearly thriving in San Francisco, but not nearly the same in Oklahoma. To me, Carol is a hero for bringing such quality yoga instruction so lovingly to this small town.

Carol, if you're reading this blog, thank you for having me in your wonderful classes and thank you even more for bringing the joy of yoga and meditation practice to your community! You're a gem!


Dear Edith,

Thank you for your kindness and for taking time to recognize & write about our yoga practice in Stillwater. Two people emailed me this morning and I was able to find your blog. Your comments really touched me. We are a bit isolated here in Stillwater, but our group of dedicated yogis & yoginis continues to grow, and I am thrilled to be part of that.

You are welcome back at any time!
Sending blessings your way

A good teacher is always worth their weight in gold.

I teach yoga in a small mid-western town of around 9000. Having taught here now for a little over 3 years I too, probably much like Carol, have a small following of regulars, with each class being 2-12 in number. Because we are a college town we also get the occassional out of town visitor or college student who joins us for his/her practice. As you commented on Carol, for me it truly is a labor of love. There are people all over this world who search for the connection and disapline of yoga...some of us just happen to live, and practice, in little known places. namaste

I am in Tulsa, OK and am glad to hear that you had a good experience while in the state. Our choices may be limited, but the fact that practicing yoga may be seen as going against the grain of the majority's religious beliefs, means that those who are willing to try will probably have the will to get a full experience.

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