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A Lesson in Detachment

Still craving 4 hours of yoga a day, I went to try Sivananda in Grass Valley, California and also practiced in a few other places that didn't work out for me. Jason encouraged me to try new things, a lesson in detachment. It was like he knew I would return to the simplicity and truth of his teaching. Of course, I did.

In other news, I recently found myself back in court. It was another jury trial. This time I was scared, but I knew I had nothing to lose. It was a tough case, unlike the easy one I lost against Wal-mart. This time I won—the jury goes 12-0 for me and my injured client, who had a back fracture from a cab driver allowing his passenger to carelessly open the door into traffic.

The jury gave me what I asked for, but I asked for it in a strange, new, detached way. Is this how a yogi would try a case to a jury in court? I think so.


Hi Mark,

I am currently a law student struggling to integrate yoga with the law. I find myself frequently alone at school because very few people here understand what Yoga is really about. I just want to thank you for striving to be a lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, who is dedicated to something greater. I admire that and hope that one day I can emulate it too. Good luck with your yogic endeavors. I will continue to follow your path through this site until your six months are over.


How ironic that one of my biggest breakthroughs in meditation should have come by way of my lawyer, following a terse phone call demanding immediate payment!
In retrospect, 2006 became the Year of Letting Go for me. I have consciously tried to follow a spiritual path for the last 20 years and many great and wonderful things have happened in that time - but last year I received some of my most painful lessons.... I learned to let go - of my oldest child, my business card with the fancy title, and then finally the last vestiges of financial and emotional independence, all as I swam once more in the sleep-deprived murky swamp of new parenthood.... or at least thought I learned to let go until forced to digest that fateful phone call (and yes I'm still paying the bill!), I retreated to the calm of meditation and suddenly realized that it was fear and only fear that was blocking my direct experience of the Divine at all times.
When I had been rewarded with material success beyond my wildest (practical) dreams, following the years of countless joys and blessings I was privileged to experience, I was still hiding in the same ol' hole. Which is why it took a couple of bombs to bring me out into the open with absolutely nothing to lose!

The breakthrough in letting go of my anger is a whole other story... but happy to say, having got to the other side of 2006 (with a few more lessons left I'm sure) that, like poor Job after he cried 'why?' and got his answer, everything is coming back. And, as it turned out, I finally just snapped one morning - and bought myself a cheap guitar - thus forever enriching my life with the joy of music shared. Regardless of what the future holds, I really have emerged as a freer, wiser and saner human being for all my sorrows.

Hi Mark,
I wanted to let you know that I greatly admire your strength in dealing with your divorce, your law practice, and in finding yourself back in the challenge of yoga.
Taking on Wal-Mart was brave, not foolhardy. They pay untrained workers per bike to build them, so the faster they work, the more money they make. My husband is in the boutique bike industry and often checks bikes in stores like this, even bringing "bad ones" to a manager. Those poor kids, they deserved your voice!
Good luck to you.

A cab driver let the passenger carelessly open a door into traffic?? Perhaps the cab driver gave his client credit for having enough sense to not step in front of a moving car. The next asana: Ambulancana = ancient sanscrit meaning 'chasing ambulance pose'

Mark, I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic "yoga makeover!" I just got the new Yoga Journal in the mail that sums up your progress. I've been following all three stories with interest, particularly as I consider myself to have been "made over" by yoga, too, and I've been rooting for all of you to find the satisfaction that yoga has given to me. I'm so happy to see that it went so well for you! You look fantastic (the longer hair suits you, and I can definitely tell you lost weight!), and I'm so glad that your injury and your life in general are improving satisfactorily! Way to go!

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