5 Signs You Might Take Yoga Too Seriously

tree pose class.jpg

1. You’re mortified when you fall out of Tree Pose in class.

2. You feel an uncontrollable urge to correct people when they pronounce Sanskrit words with an American accent. (You also have to bite your tongue when you hear your 5-year-old niece refer to Baddha Konasana as Butterfly.)

3. You think your teacher, your studio, or your philosophy of yoga is the only right one. You use air quotes or roll your eyes every time you say “fitness” yoga.

4. You freak out if someone takes your place at the front of the class or puts his shoes in your cubby in the lobby.

5. You felt guilty when you take a Pilates class, and vow never to “cheat” on yoga again.

Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga enthusiast in Charleston, SC. Visit her blog, Spoiledyogi.com, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.

Erica Rodefer Winters is a writer and yoga teacher in Charleston, South Carolina. Visit her blog, Spoiledyogi.com, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook

15 responses to “5 Signs You Might Take Yoga Too Seriously”

  1. boodiba

    Ha! As IF I’d be caught dead in any yoga class that features “tree pose”…

  2. adan lerma

    wow, i must be totally opposite ;-)
    i feel the almost exact opposite of each of those!
    # 1, i think it’s funny when i or one of my students falls out of any pose, otherwise where’s the playfulness in all this?
    # 2, as far as pronunciations in sanskrit, i grew up where people can’t even pronunce fajita correctly, i’m sure not gonna get bent up if/when i or anyone else chops up any other language, including sanskrit
    # 3, i Love fitness yoga, my whole blog is dedicated to integrating what is artificially separated, isn’t that part of yoga-oneness?
    ok, # 4 does apply to me at times, but now that i teach, not so much a problem ;-)
    # 5, cheat on yoga? geez ;-) hey, i don’t want to cheat on the fullness of life!
    so if i’m (almost) a total opposite, does that mean i’m “bad” yoga-adan?
    no ;-) i don’t think so!
    namaste – con dios – god be with you

  3. Heidi

    Heeeheeee, just great! I think we can all see ourselves in this posting at SOME point in our yoga-evolution~
    Gotta keep the sense of humour and humility.

  4. Christine

    Yikes…..I have not met someone who has taken his/her practice to that level….if I ever do, I will go inside, invoke the power of love and acceptance, and send the wish of joy and fullfillment from yoga to that person!!!!

  5. Sally

    Lol. This is a funny article. I do take yoga pretty seriously but I like to keep it real. I will admit that I geeked out when I found a yoga mat that’s antimicrobial and resists odor. New yoga gear is the best. I love it!

  6. Anna

    Funny:-) I felt guilty taking pilates teacher training…

  7. West Anson

    (1). Falling in tree pose? I teach and have fallen in Tadasana! Hahaha!
    (2). I love to mess up the Snaskrit pronunciation on purpose. Especially when there is someone who “freaks out” over incorrect pronunciation.
    (3). “My Yoga Studio” is the best……it is called my home. The temperature is perfect & bathroom is clean.
    (4). Now I do get upset about someone taking my spot. However, if they are new I give them a warning not to do that next time. It has to do with “balance reference points”!
    (5). I teach Pilates as well. Pilates is simply “Core Yoga”.
    There is a problem with Ego among so many Yogis. I can only believe it is from so many people trying to make a living with Yoga instead of just doing Yoga.

  8. StudioLiveTV

    While the blog made me laugh (I don’t subscribe to any of the items in the list) I do however very guilty at times when I don’t practice yoga at least 5 to 6 times a week. I’m big on practicing at home, and at my favorite studio, but there are days when I convince myself to postpone yoga until later…then later…then it’s too late and I’m exhausted. Does feeling guilty about missing yoga mean that I take it too seriously? Or is it that I feel guilty that I’ve made silly excuses not to do it? Either way, I’d like not to feel this way. Any advice?

  9. Dennis Landmesser

    #6. You get a new job to be close to your favorate Yoga Studio.
    #7. You take four classes in a five day period.
    #8. You make excuses to miss going out to dinner to make a practice.
    #9. Having a back-up practice for every class in case your regular
    practice is cancled.
    #10. You need a laptop to keep your journal notes.
    #11. You make the next class even though you were too tired and sore
    to sleep the night before.
    #12. When you would rather be inverted than right side up.

  10. Erica Rodefer

    Ha. I love the additions to the list, guys! Classic!

  11. Imperfectmom

    I have the opposite problem. I was practicing crow in class the other day and fell right on my face. I burst out laughing! When everyone saw I was okay they laughed too!

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