11 responses to “5 Things Kids Have Taught Me About Yoga”

  1. Stephanie Robbins

    Thanks for the great blog. I do yoga often with my own kids and have to remind myself to enjoy what comes. it may not always be relaxing but it is always fun!

  2. cathy

    thank you

  3. Frenzy36

    Great blog. Early into beginning yoga I found that feeling I had as a kid. The world was my playground and there was that essence of ‘magic’ once again.

  4. Fede

    Thanks a lot. Great tips I will try them with the kids.
    Lots of love from maschwitz Argentina

  5. karen

    I started yoga at 7 years old, and practiced inconsistently until about 8 years ago. Now much older, my body has changed but I can still remember my first practice…I work with children and incorporate yoga into our day (“Yogi Says” and “Noahs Ark” are favorites). They love it. I hope it has the same impact on them as it has me. One of the best teacher trainings I did, was Yoga For Kids. Have fun with it, be a kid in your practice….

  6. Elise Marie Collins

    I always learn so much from kids when I teach yoga for them. Recently I subbed two kid’s yoga classes and I had the best time! I did not come up with a strict lesson plan as I usually do, but this time I focused on being very present. The kids really taught me as I remained ready for their ideas and requests for poses and games. After teaching a kids class, it’s hard to look out at a class of adults because they look so darn serious.

  7. Erica

    Thanks for the sweet comments, guys! It’s funny how sometimes you learn the most from the people you don’t expect to be your teachers!! Of course, kids are always full of surprises, aren’t they?

  8. Tina Anderson

    Oh my! Thank you everyone for your reminders. I am a kids yoga teacher too and YES…they are such awesome teachers.
    Keep having FUN. Imagine what the world would be like if we remembered this as adults. Namaste Tina.

  9. StudioLiveTV

    I don’t yet have kids. I now want them more than ever! Thank you for sharing this little bit of joy :)

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