An Offering

Lucien hands me a small red felt heart. This is a game of sorts which he made up.

“For you, Momma.” he says.

I hand it back to him.  “I have something for you, too.”  I reply.  The heart, of course.

He takes it, smiles, gives it back to me again.

We do this several times a week, sometimes several times a day. The heart means I love you, and you are the special person in my life, and thank you for being so sweet. It means Namaste, I salute the God within you. It means, I see you.

In my first yoga classes and kirtan sessions in Kathmandu and then at the Jivamutki Yoga Center in New York, the teacher would come in and leave an offering at the altar before class. It could be flowers, sweets, food—this offering is called prasad. The offering is made, and then later on, often distributed to those gathered.

This is what Lucien’s offering me. What, on our best days, we can offer our children and what they can offer us.  This heart, this blessing, this moment of seeing and being seen.

Jessica Berger Gross is the author of enLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 Pounds with a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapples, and a Beagle Pointer (Skyhorse). She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and four-year-old son. “Like” her author page on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter. Visit her at