6 responses to “Flax Seeds”

  1. Linda

    I have been told you cannot absorb the benefits of flax seeds unless they are ground. Granted, the taste is much better and I’d prefer not to grind them, so please tell me this isn’t true that you must grind to receive the benefits?

  2. Christina

    Yoga has had a domino effect in my life. Since yoga makes me feel so good, I now seek out other ways to make my body/mind feel good. A huge difference is what I put into my body, I buy more organic, eat meat maybe once a month instead of 3 or 4 times a week, and I feel great! I now spend much more “quality” time with everyone in my life, including myself. :)

  3. Karachi Yogini

    I can’t even begin to express what my 20 something would have thought if she knew that one day I would be practicing yoga and meditation daily, eating flax seed, drinking fresh milk, not smoking, not losing my temper at little things, and most miraculously waking up at 6:30 AM voluntarily:)
    I feel so blessed that yoga came into my life just when I needed it.
    Just wondering why is it that whole flax seed is better for your skin than ground?

  4. Jessica Berger Gross

    Here’s what I was told about flax (from my naturopath and then the nurse practicioner who saw me about my hands): buy them whole and then grind them yourself. It’s easy — just buy the seeds themselves and then either grind in a spice or coffee grinder and add to food or, even easier and what I do, throw into a blender when you make your smoothie.

  5. Flax Seed Benefits

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  6. Flax Seed Recipes

    Notice she said that she puts the flax seeds in her smoothie and does not just eat them whole. The point is freshly ground flax seeds are much better tasting than pre-ground flax seeds, NOT to just eat the flax seeds whole. It’s just like how freshly ground coffee tastes way better than pre-ground coffee.