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Creating Conscious Media

I spent some time in Los Angeles this week, and one day visited the set of the new Shiva Rea video. While there, I had a powerful conversation with the director, James Wvinner. We discussed the importance of media, both social and store-bought. Specifically, we talked about how it's really helping the world gain access to yoga and to the teachings of great instructors like Shiva, who can't possibly get to all the students who want to study with her.

James related a funny story told to him by another teacher who was recently leading a training in Bulgaria. A student came up afterward and said, "Do you know Sadie Nardini? I study with her!" Now, I've never been to Bulgaria, but I bet my YouTube videos have. Wherever I go, I meet students who have studied with me for years, without my even knowing it!

This is just one example of what I'm now calling Conscious Media. Anyone with a video camera and a YouTube account can employ these channels to spread the word about how simple and effective it can be to get happy, be healthy, and to rock your awesomeness from the inside out.

Before I made DVDs, wrote a book, or did anything else that now comprises my income, I was using social media to create virtual kulas, or communities of the heart and spirit. There are so many ways for each of us to speak our core values, and to a wider audience than just our partners, friends, and students. By reading this blog, you are directly benefiting from my choice to step outside my comfort zone and share my views in a public forum.

It's a vulnerable place to be, letting others see you and, at times, judge or disagree with your offerings.  But I endure this aspect of the job in order to do what I consider to be much more important: Speaking my piece in a way I feel is constructive to both our humanity and divinity.

In this day and age, when we're being bombarded with negative imagery and fluff, the media-sphere is crying out for substance and soul. And it's crucial that conscious people go first to light the way for those who may not even know they want to watch this mind/body stuff, or understand how much they need it.

Who will do this if we don't? In fact, I feel that as we awaken to our possibilities and become aware of the tools available to transform ourselves toward balance and passionate living, we have a responsibility to really put ourselves out there and lead by example.

Now, you may not be a yoga teacher or committed to raising awareness of the joy of cultivating wellness on all levels, as I am. But I'd wager that you have some skill, some creative voice you'd like to add to the mix. You can do this for yourself, so that you live each day as the rockstar you really are, and also because you just might inspire one person to dig deeper and step forward with more confidence to be their best. The amazing thing is, with conscious media, your one voice turns into thousands, and your single moment of sharing becomes a constant message.

When it comes to changing the world in a positive way, I say let's each do what it takes to turn our quiet, inner voices into a beautiful chorus that can be heard all the way in Bulgaria, and beyond.

Core Pose: Lion's Lunge

To help you access and then amplify your voice, you've got to make some noise. I use Lion's Pose with a lot of my core poses, to open the channel between my foundation, my core, and the courage it takes to express myself so that people can hear.

The muscle meridian closest to our skeleton, called the Deep Core Line, moves from the arches of the feet; up through the legs, hips and spine; and ends at the tongue. Doing Lion's Pose draws energy and tension up and out through this line, which is why it's considered an immensely detoxifying pose on a very profound, pranic level. Life force and your ability to speak from your inner knowing will increase as you dissolve obstacles to your inherent freedom and flow.

Come into a High Lunge with the front knee over the heel and the back leg long behind you, supported on the ball of your foot. If you want more stability, step your feet sitting-bone-distance apart.

Inhale through your nose and reach your arms either back behind you or up into the air, fingers wide. Exhale through your mouth as you stick out your tongue and say "Aaaaaaaaahhh," as loudly as you can.  Really get into it, letting the sound be another way to say what you really need and want to express from your deeper creative center.

Repeat 3-5 times or more. Then take Dog Pose or Child's Pose for a few moments, and move to the other side.


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Thank you for writing such great words. I recently started my blog in hopes to opens eyes for others and of course myself. I am awake and would like to light the path for others if they want it. Once again thank you for the message.

Goes to show, anyone can make a difference, armed with just a video, love your stuff, how you bring different aspects of yoga together, rare...

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