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Sadie Nardini Sadie Nardini
International yoga teacher and blog superstar keeps you centered.

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Moving Forward

I just did something so major I have to write it down to believe it. I'm relocating from New York City where I've lived and taught yoga for nearly a decade, to Austin, Texas.
I've decided to relocate so that I can focus exclusively on my health, yoga, travel, and teaching for what I'm calling my yogi artist's retreat year. After that, I'll see where I am.

The requirements of my burgeoning yoga career are intense, and living in a place like New York City doesn't make things easy. For example, it took me 4 hours to drive 11 miles to the airport the other day, only to miss my flight. Total cost: $1,600. Austin has a shuttle that goes from my new apartment to the airport in 10 minutes. Total cost: 50 cents. I kid you not.

Now, don't get me wrong. Just like the T-shirts say, I (heart) New York. That's why I've lived there for so long. But it's time for a change, and specifically, I'm interested in what will happen to my yoga trajectory when I steep in it fully for a good period of time. This will be a Dharma Immersion, if you will.

At first, I was torn about whether or not to make such a radical move. So I practiced what I teach. I put fears and judgments aside and thought about what would serve my ultimate goals the best. Right now, I require ease of travel; a location that is equidistant to both coasts and the flyover states; an affordable apartment with enough space for me to film my YouTube and training videos; and a community that values health, good food, and good yoga. A creative environment and a lack of traditional winter weather is just icing on the cake.  

For these reasons and more, Austin was an obvious choice for me. The cool thing is, once I chose it, I was surrounded by so many universal green lights that I have to believe the signs are pointing me on the road I'm meant to take now.

Before I was a yogi, I would have shut myself down before I ever began this journey. I probably would never have left the safety of the Midwest to try my luck in the Big Apple, or taken any of the risks that have brought me to where I am now. Yoga teaches us how to step out of our own way, remove the veils of uncertainty, and quiet the voices that tell us we're insane to do what we are being called toward. If we can turn down the volume of our fears, it's possible to hear that still, powerful whisper of our satya, or truth; that core voice that can move us toward transformation.

We do this through cultivating a regular asana practice so our limiting patterns don't build up and slow us down. We learn to sit in meditation and listen intently until we hear only our inner guide and not the confusing cacophony that surrounds it. We implement our lessons off the mat, do our best to be brave, and lead by example into our next incarnation of who we want to be.

Most of all, when grounding is called for, we ground, and when flying beckons, we find out how wide our wingspan really is. The yogi is a shapeshifter, an energetic alchemist who uses the raw materials of experience, relationship, self-knowledge, and prana (life force) to create magic out of what others see as a static reality.

Is it the perfect choice for me to take a year in Austin? Perhaps not. Staying in the city has its benefits, too. But we can always go back to what we know. So why not try going forward? Yes, it takes a big leap of faith sometimes. But we yogis have that in spades, y'all. So what is your dharma calling you to do next?

Core Pose: "First Eye" Goddess

This asana is one I teach and do whenever I want to envision my next move. It stimulates the forehead center, the seat of our intuition, and expands perspective away from the constriction of fear. This is why I call it the First Eye. It's a primary tool of perception, your mind's eye, and keeping it wide open will serve you well as you navigate your next steps along your path.

Sit on your mat. Bring both feet together, knees open wide. With a long spine, tilt your sacrum and top hip crests forward as you bring your elbows onto the floor or two yoga blocks. Place your thumbs inside your eyebrows, just above your nose. Allow your forehead to release towards the thumbs even as you maintain the open hips and spinal alignment of the rest of the pose.

Breathe here for 1-2 minutes, and then come into knees-together Child's Pose for a few breaths to counterbalance the asana.


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Good for you!
I did a similar move four years ago when I up and left my life of 15 years in Seattle, WA to move to where my brother lives here in Jacksonville, Fl. Once I decided to make the move, I did not hesitate and nor have I looked back. Within a week I had a great job and everything just kind of fell into place. I believe change, even radical change can be good.

I wish you the best of luck in your new home!

Debra : )

That is a wonderful move Sadie! Is your Mum moving also? And your husband? :)

I am excited for you ... and thanks for these blog entries ... I don't always have time to comment but I do read them and find them very helpful in living a core centered life.


If Austin doesn't suit you, try Portland, Oregon. It's got everything you need and it is green, green, green! Yoga and healthy living practices are part of the daily lifestyle here.

good luck! may you enjoy every part of the experience :)


I left Boston ma..July and took three weeks driving across country experiencing other practices.I stoves in.Davis California and spend time in Sacramento.iii be figuring out where I will land soon.I've been saying no to teaching yoga and doing bodywork need to ahead some old layers.good luck.I met you in febuary at sobo.its a time of transition.siri

Jesus, you are just incredibly inspiring - thanks!

Best wishes to you on your new courageous journey!

I am so proud of you, girlfriend!! Guess I have an excuse to visit Austin :) Love you near and far x x x

I'll miss the sound of NYC traffic in the background of your Youtube videos! (It always transports my mind to New York.) Will you be able to sleep without the city lullaby?

Home IS where you hang your heart afterall. Thanks for reminding the rest of us to be brave too!

I hope you find happiness here in Austin. It suits some and not others. The healing and yoga community is thriving, as you already know, so I have a feeling you will be one of the ones that falls in love with this city. Good luck!
Tricia Coogan

That's wonderful news, Sadie! I've never commented before, but I thought this a worthy occassion to break the silence and welcome you to Texas. I grew up in Austin, but I'm currently living about 2 1/2 hours North of there in the DFW area. I'm so excited to hear you'll be nearer by! I make frequent trips to Austin to visit friends; maybe I"ll be able to catch your teaching person sometime.

Thanks so much for opening your heart and sharing your wisdom on this blog... I'm sure you have many, many grateful followers just like me who cherish your teachings but just choose not to leave comments. I hope you'll find the Texas yoga community as loving and inspiring as I have. We may not have all the celebriyogis and frills that NYC has, but we sure do know how to get our down-dog on! :o) Good luck with the big move!

super inspiring, beautifully written and flooded with power and faith. just what the yogi ordered hahah! putting together the pieces to have an amazing journey : D. really helps to read this and remind yourself to stick to the vision of the journey. visualize and then take action. aow! so fun. really want to head southwest myself one day soon. ::blessings::

hi sadie, very inspiring. safe travels & can't wait to hear about your new life in texas.

You are inspiring... thanks for reminding us all to listen to our heart and pursue our personal legends.

Hi all,

Like you, I don't have enough time to leave all the comments and responses I'd like, but I want you each to know that I read everything you say, and I cherish your words, and I'm honored that you take the time to respond to or even just read these posts!

I will let you know how the Austin experience progresses--I'm sure it will give me a wealth of material to write about and live into. I'm happy to know that we're doing these transformations together, in our own unique ways.

I feel your support at my back as I turn to face this unknown next part of my life's journey. And boy, I'm glad you're here!


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