Kino MacGregor: Sharing the Tradition of Ashtanga Yoga

By Molly Ruby

At the age of just 29, Kino MacGregor received her Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (“Guruji”), the founder of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, after years of dedicated study and travels to Mysore India. Today, Kino practices through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Her dedication to the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois has evolved through years of focused study, personal practice and traditional teaching of Ashtanga yoga as she learned it directly from Jois.

Kino is passionate about making authentic Ashtanga yoga accessible to modern day students through her work at the Miami Life Center which she co-founded, her writings which include: Sacred Fire (2012) and her newly released book The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace  as well as through Kino Yoga You Tube channel.

Kino’s clear, concise instruction and her inviting warmth as it is felt through her You Tube videos will be evermore present to attendees of Yoga Journal LIVE in Florida 2013! Whether you are delving deeper into the Business of Yoga to gain real-life perspective about Marketing on a Budget, looking to continue your education with Yoga Teaching Fundamentals, or attending the Main Conference sessions, register today to study with Kino LIVE in Hollywood Florida October 31 – November 3, 2013! 3843809366_904b8ed705_z

Discover the depth of asana, spirituality and accessibility of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Kino MacGregor in the Sri K. Pattabhi Joice tradition!