Yoga Journal LIVE – Colorado 2013 Conference Scholarship Recipients

by Molly Ruby

Karma Yoga: the path of selfless action, the path of service

By definition or through translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, Karma Yoga is commonly understood as duties fulfilled with a pure heart, without expectation of reward.

It is in this same spirit of Karma Yoga that Yoga Journal extends the Share Your Yoga Scholarship Program to well-deserving yoga teachers who serve their communities selflessly.

These teachers bring yoga to underserved members of a greater yoga family including:

  • Veterans and Military Families
  • Children and Teens
  • Seniors
  • People with Disabilities
  • Homeless or low socioeconomic communities
  • Immigrants
  • Imprisoned Individuals or Groups

Recipients of the Share Your Yoga Scholarship submit an online application to include an essay explanation of service, personal and professional references, a resume and show limited household income themselves.

This scholarship program is partially funded by conference attendees through your generous donations and then matched by Yoga Journal.

Respectfully, Yoga Journal Events recognizes our current scholarship recipients and in the next few weeks leading up to Yoga Journal LIVE in Colorado, we will introduce you to Kate Hendricks, Ellie Haberl, and Lisa Thomas, highlighting each recipient’s Karma Yoga in action!


Meet Kate Hendricks: Having served in the Marine Corps herself, she now serves Military Veterans as a volunteer with Team Red, White, and Blue.

She has served her country and has witnessed both family members and fellow Veterans who’s lives have been “irrevocably changed” after coming back from overseas active duty. In a compassionate conversation with Kate this past week, she shared how “intensely connected” service men and women become with their active service units which in turn can potentially lead to a sense of isolation and alienation as Veterans return home to lead civilian lives.

Just 26 years old when she returned home from overseas, Kate understands first hand, the importance of being supported by a healing community. Now, as a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama, completing her studies in Health Promotion and Education, a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, Kate combines her education, experience and passion for teaching as the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham community director and volunteer for Team Red, White, and Blue.

A non-profit organization working to build civilian community partnerships for returning veterans, Team Red, White, and Blue was initially founded by Army Major, Mike Erwin.  In October 2012, Team RWB sponsored a 3-day Bikram Yoga Camp for Veterans.

as a way to blend the physicality of yoga and the benefits of a cohesive healing community with over 30 Veteran attendees from more than 10 states and a dozen well-known yoga instructors participating.

Through her involvement with Team RWB, Kate looks to bring the physicality of yoga in combination with the research based benefits of mindful movement practice to the young Veteran population of Tuscaloosa.  Kate is also a contributing author in: PHOENIX: WOMEN WARRIORS ON RESILIENCY, RECOVERY, AND TRIUMPH, to be released in 2014, celebrating the perseverance and victories of Women Warriors!

Grateful to have the opportunity to share her work and the mission of Team RWB, Kate is equally as grateful for the opportunity to attend Yoga Journal Conference at Estes Park this September as a Share Your Yoga Scholarship recipient!

Thank you Kate for your expression of Karma Yoga, selfless action, and path of dedicated service!