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NYC: Yoga, Dance, and Cutbacks

djoniba_dance_centre_photo2.jpgThe Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre is closing today (so says their latest email). It's sad. They've been hit by the economic crisis--student attendance is down, rents are way up. That place, a not-for-profit, feels magic--I only went for one African dance class with Djoniba himself, but it felt like a latter-day, much-beloved set of Fame. Authentic, danced-in, drummed-in, lived-in. A New York institution that's been there for 15 years. Sigh.

Is this just the beginning? Makes me wonder how yoga will be affected. I haven't noticed a shift in class attendance lately--have you? But it would make sense if we started to see studios offering more community classes, maybe some special cards with softer expiration dates. Maybe some of the way pricey studios re-calibrating a bit.

Sadly I won't be reporting on that here. Yoga Journal has been caught up too and is cutting the local blogs. I've really loved posting on the NY yoga scene the last year or so and am so grateful for all of you who read. I do hope to keep in touch. Let me know if you'd like to join my email list for future updates and new yoga-related writing ventures (valerie AT After New Year's this blog's savasana will commence. Om, shanti, shanti, shanti.


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it is really sad to read that you are ending your blog...
hope to read from you somewhere...


I'm bummed that Yoga Journal is discontinuing the local blogs. I have enjoyed reading them and have been subscribing to all three local blogs via RSS. I even post them on my website, so that my students and guests can keep up as well. The absence of the local blogs will leave a noticeable void in the yoga community and the blogosphere. Valerie, I wish you well on your journey. Thank you for your writing and for keeping us updated on yoga happenings in NYC!

This is heart breaking..I have found memories of Djoniba. It will be missed. For the facility contributed to many dancers and careers

Hi Sharon,
It is sad, I agree. Djoniba is still struggling, but they have opened a temporary space while they raise funds to possibly re-open. Info below.

Hi Valerie

The best way to help rebuild Djoniba centre, bring back its magic and do something for yourself is by TAKING CLASSES!
Djoniba Centre January schedule of classes in a temporary location at 305 West 38th Street & 8Av.
For more details go to You can also Watch Djoniba Centre closing featured on Chanel 11 News

MONDAY 6-7:30: Adv / Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African with Djoniba
7:30-9: African Bugarabu with Malang (Starts Feb 2)

TUESDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6-7:30: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia
6-730: Congolese with Fumilayo
7:30-9: Samba with Danielle

WEDNESDAY 6-7:30: Haitian Dance with Peniel
6-7:30 Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: West-African with Marie Basse Feb 28

THURSDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
7:30-9: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia

FRIDAY 6-7:30: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: Haitian Dance with Peniel

SATURDAY 12:30-2: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
2-3:30: Afrobrazilian with Michelle
3:30-5 African Dance with Maguette
5-6:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6:30-8: African Dance with Marie Basse

SUNDAY 3:30-5: Samba with Danielle
5-6:30: Beg Basic african with Djoniba (Instead of 6:30)

BE A PART OF OUR "50,000 HUMANS DONATE $2" to Rebuild Djoniba Center campaign!
Invite your friends to make a tax-deductible donation of $2 at WWW.DJONIBA.COM.
YES, WE CAN! Peace & Blessings.
Djoniba Mouflet.

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