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Los Angeles: Gratitude as Attitude

bliss fuchs.jpg

During these crazy times, remember the good stuff.

Owning that attitude of gratitude became an inspiration for my Kundalini Yogi friend Jodi Fuchs and her sister Wendy. The Fuchs sisters, both yogis and artists too, started the Gratitude Art Project (GAP) during a time when Jodi was experiencing some financial hardship. "I knew if I focused on what I had instead of what I was lacking, that might offer the key to unlock more prosperity in my life," says Jodi. The sisters also had wanted to work together as a way to heal, co-create, uplift, inspire themselves (and others) by focusing on the positive that already EXISTS in all of our lives.

challenge fuchs.jpg

So they distributed a 1,000 postcards via friends and in yoga studios all over the country asking for people to mail back their "gratitudinals". They also started a blog and a Facebook group (The Gratitude Art Project), so they could share all this gratefulness and use it as inspiration to create works of art (pictured here) focusing on big themes like family, health, God, abundance and small thank yous like car seat warmers, great lip gloss, and good coffee.

This grateful theme is also something near and dear to my New York friend and YJ colleague Valerie, who has been blogging about her gratitudinals both big and small, mundane and fabulous, for quite some time.

Thanks ladies. Your attitude of gratitude reminds me that I have lots to be thankful for too. Please share your gratitudinals with Jodi and Wendy either on Facebook or on the GAP website and if you like, post them here.

Sat Nam.


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This post was selected to be part of the December 21 edition of Gratitude Watch.

I'd like to thank you Stacie, and Yoga Journal for promoting the value of gratitude.

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