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Los Angeles: Yogathon Abundance

Yogathons abound in the next few weeks here in Los Angeles – all with the intention of raising funds for good causes.

This weekend at Golden Bridge, Gurmukh hosts an extravaganza starting at 4:30 PM October 13th until 8:00 PM on October 14th. The proceeds will benefit the Amrit Davaa World Health’s expedition to the Himalayan Mountains to bring doctors and medical supplies to the Manjushree orphanage. And if you’re not sure you can commit to the whole 26 hours, you can sign up for a day, an evening, or even just a class.

Some highlights include Kundalini teacher-extraordinaire Harijiwan and his gong and meditation extravaganza, Earth and Sky meditation and Angel Dance with teachers Sandra Bossier and Sylvia Kalicinski, a wake-up call to celestial sadhana, a good sweat with vinyasa teacher Natasha Rizopoulos and of course, Gurmukh, live music, and good, clean food.

Across town at the Iyengar Institute on November 4th, those strict Iyengar-ites will be offering up their awesome bodies as they take pledges from sponsors to raise money for the Institute’s relocation fund to help find, lease and renovate their new home. The Iyengar yogathon should be equally filled with cheer and hard work as teachers like Lisa Walford perform 108 dropacks (Tadasana to Urdhva Dhanurasana). Amanda White is offering 108 handstands, Garth McLean will take on 108 arm balances, Anna Delury will demonstrate the first 108 poses from Iyengar’s tome “Light on Yoga” and Lani Daniels will chant the first two padas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. And much, much more.

If you know of any other local acts of seva, please let us know.


Hi Stacie,

Thanks for letting everyone know about the IYILA Yog-a-thon in Los Angeles on November 4!

Hopefully lots of yogis and yoginas will drop by to cheer the participants on -- and maybe even be inspired to tag in with the Yoga Magic Urdva Dhanurasana Tag Team led by Jennifer Edwards, or just chill out at the Rest and Relaxation station hosted by Miriam Kramer.

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