9 responses to “Challenge Pose: Handstand”

  1. Sherry

    Kathryn, thanks so much for this! I have a terrible fear of being upside down. Forget handstand right now, I’m still trying to trust myself to do a headstand. I can do Crow with little effort and even side crow. There’s no physical reason that I can’t get into a headstand (and eventually a handstand) and I KNOW that but fear stops me from managing every single time.
    I’m going to have to repeat your words of wisdom until I accept that I CAN do these inversions and succeed!

  2. Juanita

    Great step-by-step explanation! Takes the scariness away.

  3. karen

    I practised kicking up into handstand e-v-e-r-y day for 5 and a half months and never made it. With help fine , half handstand fine, lift the leg there yes, but kicking up no way. I have given up!

  4. StudioLiveTV

    Great detailed guide. It took me forever to achieve this; and I think I was only about to finally get there after I had a teacher help and hold me up for several hundred times. Good luck to everyone who is still trying. Enjoy the challenge! It’s part of the reward :-)

  5. West Anson

    I too had difficulty at first breaking the “mental block”. I have always had the physical strength but it wasn’t until I “stregthened my mind” did I finally accomplish handstand, headstand, etc. Good luck Yoginis & Yogans!

  6. Lacy

    This post has been a great inspiration for me. Tonight, I just rose into my first unassisted headstand, at home, using only the knowledge that I need to focus on the fun and positive aspects of the challenge.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  7. Howard

    Hi kathryn, I do handstand prep and handstand just about every morning as part of my 10 minute yoga plunge before work but still can’t do a free standing one(at least not for an extended amount of time). You’ve given me some good ideas to try at the wall or no wall as it may be.
    Thanks for sharing your experience here

  8. rachel

    kathryn, your teaching voice is inspiring, even just reading the words! Thank you for the beauty you bring to yoga!! See you in class!

  9. chabosj

    Thanks for all your advices. I love very mutch your handstands poses. You are really the best.
    My probleme is even though I can reach the balance, my back is too arched and is very difficult for me to get the hips to stack over the shoulders. Have any advice for me?