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Unconditional Love by Brittany Policastro


Today my group and I visited CCF 2 and as usual were greeted with an abundance of smiles, open hearts and minds just wanting to give love as much as they yearn to receive it. We each took a classroom and suddenly I found myself standing in front of a class of preteen girls all eager to work on their conversational English skills.

After we went through some role playing we walked down the stairs singing Brittney Spears (as my name is Brittany and surprisingly they made the association). It suddenly struck me that these children are children. Strip away the pain. Strip away the stories and what remains is the pure spirit of a child, untouched and full of innocence. Seeing this reminded me that no matter what happens to any of us in our lives, there are some things that can never be stripped. The light remains no matter how dark it can get.

Later that evening, feeling very inspired, we went to CCF 1 where myself and another taught yoga to around 20 children, many of which were over the age of 12. When it was my turn to teach, despite the fact that I am trained in children's yoga and I do have a system I use, I decided to teach a class very similar to one I would teach to adults.

As soon as I started I felt their focus, their serenity and their appreciation. While our communication was minimal I quickly realized that what we were experiencing together is universal and no translation is needed. I watched in awe as these children flowed, they connected with their breath they followed along as we chanted "Om Love". They understood. I saw it in their eyes and in their smiles. A glow resonated from each of their hearts and I feel so blessed to have been a part of that sparkle. As we ended the class they followed me as we closed with Namaste. I explained to them the meaning that included "we are all the same." This is so very true. While I could never fathom the experiences these children have been through I know that our hearts are still united in the sweet presence of the Love.


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This is such an amazing and wonderful thing!! We are so proud of you! Your spiritual journey will be so rewarding for you and all the lives you will be touching on your life changing adventure!! This is so inspiring to all of us at Urbanfront PILATES!!

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