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Kristin Shepherd Kristin Shepherd
Chiropractor, actor, and public speaker and the newest yogi on the block shares her discoveries.

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Fantasy Yoga Class

15354_24.jpgThis morning I'm dreaming about a fantasy yoga class. Here's what mine looks like:

First, it's Kundalini yoga. I'm smitten. What can I say.

The class includes the following people:

1. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, the great whirling dervish Kundalini yogini. (She can teach the class.)

2. My grandfather. He's been gone for 25 years, but he taught me to stand on my head when he was 65, so my guess is he'd love to be included.

3. Patanjali, the guy who wrote the Yoga Sutra. I'd love to ask him what he thinks about modern yoga.

4. Sting. He can lead the chanting. 

5. All right, his wife Trudie Styler can come. She's a pretty fabulous yogini, too.

I'm getting nervous about having too many yoga gods in the class, so next is:

6. Javier Bardem, the best actor in the world. When I Google Javier and yoga, the only thing that comes up is my own infatuation with him, so my guess is he is not a yogin, at least in public. His presence would, of course, challenge my sustained focus on my own practice. This, I figure, would be awful and wonderful at the same time.

7. My kids. They are spread all over Canada and I miss them.

8. My lovely man, provided he's all right with Javier Bardem. I want this class to be harmonious.

That's it. That's my fantasy class.

Who's in yours? I'd love to hear.

Thanks to yoga for feeding my imagination. Thanks to you for the conversation,


Dr. Kristin Shepherd is a chiropractor, actor, and speaker (About All Things Wonderful) in North Bay, Ontario.  Join her on the web, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on iTunes.


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