5 Things to Consider on Body Image for Yoga’s Community Leaders

Sociologist Melanie Klein weighs in on her takeaways from our Practice of Leadership conversation. Here are her 5 things to consider as we continue to discuss body image and responsible decision making in today’s yoga community.


Out There: Yoga for Lawyers

Can yoga make lawyers better at their jobs? Yes, according to a new book from American Bar Association Book Publishing.


How Cupcake Hands Saved My Vinyasa: Learning to Flow Again with Annie Carpenter

Think you know Sun Salutes? Vinyasa expert Annie Carpenter’s pointers could transform them.


#findyourinspiration: The Importance of Humor (and Sequencing) in Yoga

Kathryn Budig interviews teacher Jason Crandell about the importance of humor and sequencing in yoga class.

Dear Kate yoga pants

Do You Go Commando for Yoga Class? (New Pants Make It Less Risky)

It’s a question for the ages: To wear or not to wear undies with yoga leggings.


Reminder to Feel: Tara Stiles’ Top 3 Takeaways From YJ LIVE

Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles presented at her first Yoga Journal LIVE! conference in San Diego last weekend. Here are three lessons she learned from three days packed with amazing yoga classes and good vibes.

Yoga Journal Live San Diego Yoga Journal Live San Diego 2014

Shiva Rea Gets Real About the Root Lock: A Woman’s Guide to Mula Bandha

Have you been wondering if you’re engaging your Mula Bandha—correctly? Shiva Rea breaks it down.


Yoga’s Evolving Body Image: A Call to Action from Justin Michael Williams

Yoga teacher Justin Michael Williams talks about the evolving issue of body image and how it is represented in today’s yoga community. Here, he explores two ways we can make better, more conscious decisions as leaders.


Wrap Up: Sociologist Kimberly Dark on the Practice of Leadership Panel

Kimberly Dark, writer, sociology professor and yoga teacher, hits the high points of discussion around body image and yoga at the Practice of Leadership panel at YJLIVE in San Diego.


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